Our Services
Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments

  • transaction origination, evaluation and execution
  • formulation of transaction strategy
  • preparation of business valuations
  • identification of and interface with potential buyers and creation of competitive tension
  • price negotiation

Pitt Capital Partners has a highly successful buy-side and sell-side track record of delivering superior outcomes for its clients in difficult and complex circumstances.
Capital Raising (Equity, Debt and Hybrids)

  • assistance in raising of capital and introduction to new investors
  • assessment of the company’s optimal capital structure and whether equity, a hybrid instrument or debt is appropriate
  • creation of competitive tension between new capital providers to deliver the highest value outcome for the client
  • development of an appropriate fund raising structure whether it be by initial public offering, rights issue, placement, share purchase plan, dividend reinvestment plan, debt offering, hybrid offering or some combination of the aforementioned
  • development of an appropriate instrument to suit the client's circumstance and ultimately increase capital efficiency and minimise the company’s cost of capital

Unlike integrated investment banks and stockbrokers, Pitt Capital Partners does not operate a broking arm. This ensures that we have no conflict when deciding where to look for new capital or how to price the issuance of new securities. Our focus is solely on raising the new capital at the lowest cost to the client.

Our reputation and long track record means that we have relationships with a significant number of local and international investors.
Capital Management and Restructuring

  • negotiation with senior and junior lenders
  • evaluating and implementing capital restructuring alternatives
  • identification and negotiation with new investors and financiers
  • structuring of the capital raising
  • identifying unique ways to realise value for non-core assets
  • assisting to optimise the company’s working capital cycle

Unique problems often require unique and bespoke solutions. Pitt Capital Partners works closely with its clients to identify and solve short and long term problems.

  • assistance with the identification and evaluation of growth initiatives
  • assistance in the development of short, medium and long term business plans
  • assistance with industry analysis and competitive positioning
  • shareholder communication strategies and how best to position the company to the capital markets